Wake of the Watcher

9/2/2014 – Party speeds off in pursuit of riders

9/2/2014 – Party passes by Carrion Hill

1/7/2015 – Party is still in Thrusmore

1/7/2015 – Party is in pursuit of cultists who fled scene


In Conclusion:

With the defeat of the dark young and the banishment of Shub-Niggurath herself, the mi-go threat to Illmarsh and all of Golarion is halted, but the laboratory dome will not remain safe for long. Fortunately for the PCs, they have plenty of time to escape into the skum tunnels before the dome completely floods. Making their way back to the waiting submersible, and signaling Horace to start hauling them up. The trip is long and uneventful, though it fills you with dread at the long, cramped internment with who knows what lingering outside. As the submersible pauses at the halfway point, anyone looking out the windows can see the lake finally reclaim the shattered remains of the laboratory dome, still glowing with the strange energies that powered it.


When you reach the surface, Horace Croon awaits them and is ecstatic over news of your victory. On your return to Illmarsh you receive no trouble from the locals, who hide in their homes or go sullenly about their business. Any surviving vicars or cultists of the Indomitable Sea have since fled the town.


With the destruction of both the Recondite Order of the Indomitable Sea and the skum cult of Dagon, Cassius Undiomede’s Fostering Pact may be broken, but if the mi-go invasion was repelled, it won’t be long before the skum of Avalon Bay once more turn their eyes to dry land in search of breeding partners for the continuance of their degenerate race.


Further investigations in Illmarsh reveal that the slugspawn threat is now gone. When Shub-Niggurath’s manifestation disappeared, any remaining slugspawn in the Illmarsh area disintegrated, their connection with their mother severed. At the same time, the energy backlash that destroyed the mi-go dome at the bottom of the bay also reverberated through the ancient druidic standing stones at Undiomede House. The aging manor is now a crumbled ruin, and the skum tunnels beneath it have collapsed. 


The Seasage Effigy can be returned to the university, or sold on the open market. Although the late dark riders remains are so ruined from its head exploding due to the canker, the scroll found in the laboratory dome points to the rider’s next destination: the city of Caliphas. With this information, the party continues on the path to stop the Whispering Way—only now with a powerful weapon to use against them in the form of Raven’s Head.

Wake of the Watcher

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