Broken Moon

     Toward the end of Barstoi’s forced occupation of Ardeal almost 2 decades ago, Count Aericnein Neska’s troops
spent a night in the small town of Feldgrau. When they pulled out the next morning, they repaid the town for
its hospitality by butchering its citizens and putting Feldgrau to the torch. The soldiers disposed of the bodies
in a single mass grave in the center of the town square. Feldgrau became a literal ghost town overnight, and the
souls of Feldgrau’s slaughtered citizens now haunt its streets and ruined buildings.

     The Whispering Way have already established a strong foothold in Feldgrau under the leadership of the necromancer
Auren Vrood. He has instructed his agents to hunt down and destroy the haunted souls of the town’s ghosts, and then
raise their corpses to form the backbone of a growing army of mindless walking dead, ready to follow the orders of the
risen Whispering Tyrant when he is reborn. To further complicate matters, the Demon Wolves have arrived in Feldgrau as well, intent on claiming Kvalca Sain’s heart and lordship over all Shudderwood, followed by those Prince’s Wolves sent by Rhakis Szadro to oppose them. The Demon Wolves have occupied the town’s abandoned
mill, making guerrilla strikes against the cultists and their undead allies, while waiting for the right time to confront
Auren Vrood and reclaim the packlord’s stolen heart. The Prince’s Wolves have settled into the dyer’s shop; eager to
let the Demon Wolves and the cultists waste their strength in each other, they avoid all conflict. The PCs will have
to contend with both the Demon Wolves and the Whispering Way in the ruins of Feldgrau before they finally face Auren Vrood in the town’s crumbling tower. Following the Demon Wolves’ trail, the PCs approach the town from the northwest. Although the first building they come to is the Old Farmstead (area F1), the PCs may enter and explore the town in any order they wish.
     Each time the PCs explore a new building, they have a 50% chance of encountering a Demon Wolf or Whispering Way patrol. If a patrol is present, roll on the Feldgrau Patrols table to determine the nature of the patrol. Place the patrol in the nearest unoccupied building adjacent to the PCs’ building. If more than one building is possible, place the patrol in the one closest to Feldgrau Tower (area G). Thereafter, unless the PCs make an effort to stay silent and hidden, make Perception checks for the patrol to see whether its members hear or spot the PCs moving through the ruins. If a patrol detects the PCs, its members move to attack, mindlessly pursuing the PCs through the ruined town and fighting until destroyed.

     The Whispering Way patrols are made up of skeletons, skeletal champions, and Menadoran festrogs, and are led by human cultists and curates of the Whispering Way. The skeletons are the remains of the town’s murdered citizens. The skeletal champions, formerly members of Feldgrau’s militia slaughtered by Neska’s troops, rose as undead creatures of their own accord when the Whispering Way brought their necromantic energies to Feldgrau. The Menadoran festrogs are twisted and deformed ghoul-like creatures created from the bodies of ogres and hill giants. Two pairs of Demon Wolves patrol the town as well, though they attempt to avoid Whispering Way patrols for now.

Aurun Brood


Broken Moon

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